Raphael Stäbler



About Me.

Full Stack Web & App Developer

I've been a full stack web developer for 20 years now and I've seen the rise and fall of quite a few technologies in this time. Initially I've been working with Perl and later PHP and Javascript. I've now mostly moved on to Typescript on the server and client side. There's lots of great ways to create awesome web applications these days and I'm always seeking to improve my methods in order to create even better software.

With the rise of smartphones I started offering app development, too. Thanks to modern technologies like Flutter I'm able to create stunning apps for Android and iOS that would have required a team of developers not too long ago.

Personal Information

  • NameRaphael Stäbler
  • ResidenceFrankfurt, Germany
  • Email
  • Phone+49 173 4557788
  • FreelanceAvailable


Web Development

Architecturing and development of modern web applications either in a team or as a single developer.

App Development

Gorgeous single codebase hybrid apps for Android and iOS with Flutter, including backend services.

Full Stack

All-in-one software solutions. Architecturing and development of backend and frontend applications.

Cloud Native

Low maintenance managed cloud hosting and high scalability using Kubernetes if required.